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Friday for the ballot to be counted. The Dane County Voter ID Coalition can help you get a free Wisconsin ID; call 608-285-2141. Identification does not have to meet federal requirements. If you renewed your Wisconsin driver’s license or ID and didn’t have all the required documents for what is called the REAL ID from the federal government, your identification could say “Not for federal purposes,” but it is valid for proving identity at the polls in Wisconsin. Older IDs might have expired, so check the expiration date. Wisconsin driver’s licenses or IDs, U.S. passports and military IDs can all be used at the polls, but the expiration date must be Nov. 9, 2016, or later. If your voter registration was deactivated because of bad data, you can still vote and won’t have to re-register. If the poll worker can’t find your name and address in the poll book, a supplemental list of registrations the state deactivated can be checked. If you are on the list and haven’t moved, you can sign an affirmation and your registration will be reactivated. Proof of address is only needed when you register to vote or are updating your registration. Unless you’ve moved since the last time you voted or registered, all you need is to state your name and address, show your ID and sign the poll book.

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